Writer for ETV 10 News

Writer for ETV10 News

ETV 10 is the only local newspaper and local news website, with an accompanying local Cable TV channel, providing local news and information to residents in Carbon, Emery and Grand Counties. This person will strategically gather and write about local news content and write advertisement spots for the ETV 10 channel. This person will assist in researching and identifying sources of news content, such as but not limited to: "hard news", community events, community political spotlights, follow-up stories, etc. This person will write news articles for the ETV10 news sources. Also, this person will assist in researching and identifying sources of other news content, such as: high school sports, theater performances, and social events, rodeo events, outdoor and historical site documentaries, business spotlights, real estate shows, etc. This person may be asked to film or takes photographs of events as needed. This position requires a valid driver license. This is a part-time position.

To Apply:

Call Ryan Sharp @ 435-748-3144, email rsharp@emerytelcom.com, or fill out the employment application linked below:

Employment Application