Business WIFI Systems

Wireless connectivity for access to the Internet and internal business resources has become an important part of everyday life and business needs. Whether you’re looking to eliminate interference, to extend the coverage area of a business use only network, to offer speed and coverage for hotel and campground guests or any option in between, Emery Telcom has the tools and knowledge to get you connected. Emery Telcom’s WIFI products include point to point connections, stand-alone access points, interconnected access points, and a Hosted WIFI solution with a convenient web portal for management and reporting. Pair a WIFI solution with Emery Telcom’s high speed Internet offerings for a full solution.

Emery Telcom provides a full equipment replacement warranty on all leased equipment as long as the lease is active. For purchase systems, manufacturer warranty limitations apply but Emery Telcom provides assistance with warranty claims and stocks spare equipment to ensure your business isn’t interrupted.

Hosted WIFI

Wireless solutions deployed for business networks, guest networks, or combinations networks with common equipment used to provide coverage for your employees and guests on segmented networks to protect your data and business processes while keeping guests happy. Site surveys and careful equipment selection are used to ensure coverage and speeds and a hosted web portal allows you complete visibility to your network performance and the ability to change WIFI network names and passwords and to manage individual client devices.

Access point offerings include 2.4GHz 802.11n and dual band (2.4Ghz & 5GHz) 802.11ac/n in both indoor and outdoor configurations. Specific access points are selected based on the results of a site survey to determine customer needs and identify interference points.

Equipment is available with lease or up front purchase options and the hosting costs are $10 per customer site plus $3 per individual access point. Hosted management costs for a customer site with five access points, for example, would be $25 per month.

Costs typically include the monthly hosting/management fee and either up front or leased pricing of the hardware plus configuration, wiring, and installation labor.

Managed WIFI

Point to Point and Multipoint wireless solutions to connect multiple buildings such as guest houses, shops, etc. Equipment selection is based on the specific need per connection but typically includes dedicated directional radios in the 5GHz unlicensed frequency range. Licensed frequency radios are an option where needed in order to overcome specific interference, distance, or bandwidth restrictions.

Costs typically include either up front or leased pricing of the hardware plus configuration and installation labor.

Remote Site Connectivity / Point to Point Wireless

For those needing a more basic feature set and limited outside lines, Emery Telcom offers AT&T multiline business phones which use standard analog phone line inputs but connect to each other for internal transfers, call hold, line state monitoring, and even auto attendant menus and voicemail.

Lease and purchase options available. Typical costs include the telephones, wiring and installation, and basic training. Standard monthly charges apply per line.

WIFI Tuning & Interference Elimination

Equipped with WIFI signal testers, training, and experience, Emery Telcom technicians are able to identify and help you eliminate sources of interference and signal disruption.