Residential Phone

International Calling Rates

Local Calling Prefixes

Local Calling Prefixes in Carbon & Emery Counties

Castle Dale 381
Cleveland 653
East Carbon 888
Emery 286
Ferron 384
Green River 564
Helper 472
Huntington 687
Orangeville 748
Price 637, 636, 613
Wellington 637, 636, 613
*Hanksville 542
*Moab 259
*Long Distance

Phone Service

Emery Telcom voice services with local telephone numbers available in the following communities: Castle Dale, Orangeville, Green River, Huntington, Lawrence, Cleveland, Elmo, Ferron, Clawson, Emery, Price, Wellington, East Carbon, Sunnyside, Helper, Spring Glen, Kenilworth, Moab, Castle Valley, Crescent Junction, Cisco, Monticello, Blanding, La Sal, Bluff, and Mexican Hat.

Unlimited Local Calling

  • Emery Telcom offers quality local telephone service to residents throughout Carbon and Emery Counties.

Affordable Long Distance Calling

  • Only $4.95 per month and 4.95¢ per minute. Get rates as low as 3.95¢ per minute if purchased in 200 minute buckets.

Additional Wiring

  • Do you need additional wiring in your home or business? Emery Telcom Video will take care of your needs at the flat rate of only $75 per hour (initial 1/2 hr is discounted to only $25).

All prices subject to change. All prices are subject to applicable taxes, government imposed charges, and franchise fees. All equipment remains the property of Emery Telcom and must be returned upon termination of services. All internet services are best effort and speeds may vary. Further, not all packages are available in all areas, so call to check availability.