Video Production Editor/Videographer

Video Production Editor/Videographer — Carbon/Emery County

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for filming, editing, scheduling and arranging for the airing of video content, including local events, business commercials, and TV shows
  • Adds audio and video graphics to the content to make the content appealing to viewers
  • Develop concepts, scripts, and scheduling of the content on ETV 10
  • Become familiar with all company programs used to capture, edit and produce content, including Adobe Suite
  • Coordinate obtaining local content material for production and broadcasting for ETV 10
  • Edit stories as required for ETV 10
  • Assists in researching and identifying sources of other content, such as but not limited to: high school sports, theater performances, and community events; little league ball games; dance performances; pageants; rodeo events; outdoor and historical site documentaries; and segment material.
  • Assists in researching and identifying sources of news content, such as but not limited to: breaking news, community happenings, local politics, follow-up stories, etc.
  • Assists is selling advertisements and monetizing Channel 10 and 6, which includes travel throughout Carbon, Emery and Grand counties
  • Write news articles regarding ETV 10 News events
  • Other duties as assigned

To Apply:

Call Ryan Sharp @ 435-748-3144, email, or fill out the employment application linked below:

Employment Application