Writer for ETV 10 News

ETV News Writer

ETV News is the only local newspaper and local news website with an accompanying local cable TV channel. We provide local news and information to residents in Carbon and Emery Counties.

The focus of this position will be to help the department produce daily and weekly news articles for the ETV Newspapers and website. This may include news articles on local news events, community events, government updates, follow-up stories, etc. Job duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Help answer calls when news events and inquiries are called into the office and either take the assignment to write a news article or collaborate with co-workers to make sure the news article is being covered.
  • Help answer walk-in traffic inquiries when customers come to report news or request an article/ad be published and either take the assignment to complete the task or collaborate with co-workers to make sure the request is being covered.
  • Take assignments to cover events in the community and write news article, as needed.
  • Take pictures as needed to help cover news events.
  • Help with editing, design and scheduling with the weekly paper.
  • Learn to do basic layout and ad design with in-house computer programs and help as needed with layout work.
  • This person may be asked to help out with ETV 10 local channel events as needed.
  • Other duties may be assigned

This is a part-time position. This position will primarily report to the Price ETV News Office. This person must have great communications skills, be comfortable writing short articles, and be comfortable on a computer and be able to learn new computer programs. This person must be able to be in the office during certain office hours throughout the week.

To Apply:

Call Ryan Sharp @ 435-748-3144, email rsharp@emerytelcom.com, or fill out the employment application linked below:

Employment Application