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Headquarters, Orangeville
Phone: (435) 748-2223
Office: 445 East HWY 29, PO Box 629, Orangeville, UT 84537

Phone: (435) 613-9605
Office: 625 East 100 North, Price, UT 84501

Phone: (435) 259-8521
Office: 1728 South Rocky Road, Moab, UT 84532

Phone: (435) 298-8023
Office: 17 South 300 East, Monticello, UT 84535

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Recertify Your Continued Eligibility for Lifeline

Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides discounted phone service to eligible low-income consumers. Lifeline is available only to eligible consumers.

Only ONE Lifeline benefit is permitted per household. Federal rules prohibit consumers from receiving more than one Lifeline service. If a consumer or his or her household currently has more than one Lifeline discounted service, they must select a single provider immediately or be subject to penalties.

Only low-income consumers with proof of eligibility are qualified to enroll.

Subscribers have an obligation to recertify their eligibility every year and should respond to their Lifeline Provider's attempts to recertify eligibility. Subscribers must verify that they remain eligible to participate in the Lifeline program once each calendar year. Subscribers who fail to recertify their eligibility will be de-enrolled from the Lifeline Program.

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You may also call the Federal Communications Commission at:

You can also call Emery Telcom if you have questions at:
613-9605 - Carbon
748-2223 - Emery
259-8521 - Moab

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